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ICF Hanger System

מערכת קולב ICF משמשת לחיבור קורות רצפה מעץ או מערכת חיבור גגות עץ. מערכת חיבורים זולה אך ידידותית לעבודה.

Code: NUS-AIHIP-00

45° ICF Hanger Insert Plate

צלחת הכנסת קולב ICF 45 מעלות זהה לפלטת הכנסת קולב ICF סטנדרטית אך נותנת חיבור רצפה מוצק לפינות הפנימיות של 90 ° וכן לחיבורי פינות 45 °.

 Code: NUS-AIHIP-45

Retrofit Bracket

סוגר הרטרופיט משמש בשילוב עם סוגר המסבים החותם כמחשבה אחרונית לחיבור לבטון. זה מתקן טעויות שנעשו מהתקנה לא נכונה של צלחות הכנסת הקולב ICF.

Code: NUS-AIRFB-00

T-Form Support Brackets

סוגרי התמיכה של T-Form מסייעים למתקינים בבניית מפרק פשוט של צורת T מאפס כאשר מוצר טופס בפועל אינו קיים במקום.

Code: NUS-ATSTP-00

Transition Bracket

סוגר המעבר מאפשר לחבר שתי צורות שונות של רוחב. השימוש העיקרי הוא ליצור מדף תמיכה בלבנים או מערכת רצפה.

Code: NUS-ATRBR-00



ה– V-Clip משמש לחיבור לוח  לרצפת בטון. זה מאפשר לקבלן לתמוך בלוח ללא חומרים נוספים המשמשים מחוץ לקיר.

Code: NUS-AVCLP-00

Vertical Joint Clip

קליפ המפרק האנכי נועד לחבר את הצורה במפרקים האנכיים. זה מחליף את הצורך לקשור צורות חוט או קלטת יחד תוך מתן חיבור מוצק תוך שימוש בכמות עבודה מינימלית להתקנה.

Code: NUS-A0VJC-00

Brick Ties Cast-In Place

Cast-In Place Brick Tie and Pintle. – Enables solid anchorage of veneer masonry through exterior foam to concrete core; tested to meet ASTM D754 (USA) and CSA-A370 (CAN) std. requirements for masonry anchors.

Surface Mount Brick Ties (A) / Pintle (B)

Surface Mount Brick Tie and Pintle. – Designed to be fastened with two Nudura Hex head Screws anywhere on the Nudura fastening strip. This tie will accept Nudura Pintels and other smaller dimension pintels. tested to meet ASTM D754 (USA) and CSA-A370 (CAN) std. requirements for masonry anchors.


FORM-LOCK is used to maintain wall straightness. Other uses include wall alignment for vertical stack joints. Each bundle has 100’ (30m) of FORM-LOCK.

Code: NUS-ABLOK-06
Product Information Sheet
Rebar Clip

Nudura’s Rebar Clip is specially designed to securely support horizontal reinforcement in the bottom web of the Nudura form during the concrete pour. This clip eliminates the need to tie wire or zip-tie the reinforcement bar in place when it is required to be pulled up into the bottom of the web.

Code: NUS-ARCLP-00
Product Information Sheet
RPD Dovetail Insert

Nudura RPD Dovetail Insert is designed the slide into the dovetails on the inside of the form to support vertical reinforcement where support does not already exist.

Code: NUS-ARPDD-04
Product Information Sheet

דבקים וקצף

Fiber Tape

Fiber Tape is used to provide additional EPS support for field cut forms that have more than 4″ (100mm) of EPS extending past the last web, brick ledge forms in the corner conditions, and radius panel.

Code: NUS-ATAPE-01
Product Information Sheet
Heavy Duty Tape

The 4″ (100mm) Heavy Duty Tape is used for covering the interlock at the top of a wall to prevent concrete from flowing into the sockets.

Code: NUS-ATPHD-04
Protective Tape

The 4″ (100mm) Protective Tape is used for covering the interlock at the top of a wall to prevent concrete from flowing into the sockets.

Code: NUS-ATPCL-04
Foam Gun

The metal handle Foam Gun is compatible with the Nudura Low Expansion Foam 24oz (680g) cans. The Nudura Low Expansion Foam can be used for a number of different tasks on site.

Code: NUS-AGUNM-00
Product Information Sheet
Foam Gun Cleaner

The Foam Gun Cleaner is used to clean the internal chamber of the foam gun from any hardened foam. Also used on the external surfaces for cleaning the guns.

Code: NUS-AFOCL-00
Product Information Sheet
Nudura Low Expansion Foam

The Low Expansion Foam is compatible with Nudura’s Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. It can be used for several different tasks on-site, including foaming the forms to the slab or footing, between vertical joints, securing service penetrations, and as insulation around openings.

Code: NUS-AFOAM-00
Product Information Sheet


Membrane Primer

The Membrane Primer is designed for use with Nudura’s self-adhesive waterproof membranes. This polymer emulsion-based primer is available in a 19L (5 gallons) pail, with a coverage of approximately 650-2000 ft2 (60-190m2) of wall area per container. The Nudura Membrane Primer can help improve the adhesion of Nudura’s Waterproofing Membrane in specific areas.

Code: NUS-AMESH-00
Waterproofing Membrane

The Peel & Stick Waterproofing Membrane is used for below grade damp proofing of the Nudura walls. Other uses for the Waterproofing Membrane include drain flashings around window and door openings and brick ledge through wall flashings. Available in summer and winter grades.

Product Information Sheet
Parging Mix

The NUBASE parge mix is a dry cementitious product that is used to cover exposed EPS that is not covered by an exterior finish. Used in conjunction with Fiber Mesh.

Code: NUS-APARG-00
Product Information Sheet
Fiber Mesh

The Fiber Mesh gets embedded into the parge coat to give it strength.

Code: NUS-AMESH-00
Product Information Sheet
Rebar Bender Cutter

The Rebar Cutter is used for cutting and bending reinforcing steel used in the Nudura wall system. It comes with two cutting heads that will cut up to #5 (15M), reinforcing steel. The rollers used for bending the steel are capable of handling up to a #5 (15M) bar.

Code: NUS-AREBC-00
Easy Buck

The Easy Buck is used for window and door jams and allow nominal sized lumber to fit between the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels. Primary uses for doors and windows. Each bundle contains 100′ (30 m) of Easy buck.

Code: NUS-AWBCK-00
4-Way Web Connector

The 4-Way Web Connector allows two or more insert webs to be connected and used with the panel system to create wider form sizes. It also can be used to create forms of different shapes and sizes. Increased design flexibility.

Code: NUS-A4XWC-00
Product Information Sheet
Hex Head Screw w/ Washer

The #10 screw can be used to connect the Nudura Alignment System to the forms. Other uses include attachment of strapping or buck material to concrete. Available in 2″ (50mm), 2 1/2″ (64mm) and 3″ (76mm) lengths. Two 1/4″ (6mm), nut drivers, included per pail.

Product Information Sheet
Bit Kit

The Bit Kit is a 10 piece quick change kit that keeps all the bits together in one convenient spot. The kit includes five 1/4″ magnetic nut setters which can be used with any of Nudura’s Hex Head Screws with Steel Flat washers, as well as five #2 red square driver bits. It is available in packages of 12.

Code: NUS-ABITK-00
Folding Saw

The Folding Saw is to ease in the cutting of ICF foam and plastic. This product can be used with any of Nudura’s form units. The saw is compact and folds to fit in pockets or tool bags for ease of transport and convenient storage.

Code: NUS-AFSAW-00
Transition Bracket

סוגר המעבר מאפשר לחבר שתי צורות שונות של רוחב. השימוש העיקרי הוא ליצור מדף תמיכה בלבנים או מערכת רצפה.

Code: NUS-ATRBR-00

NUDURA מייצרת טווח רחב של אביזרים ותבניות משלימות למגוון יישומים אשר מקלים על תהליך הבנייה ומספקים את התכונות אשר בעל הבית מחפש. אביזרי NUDURA השונים נמצאים בשימוש ברחבי העולם בבניית בתים, בתי ספר, פרויקטים מסחריים ומתקנים רפואיים. הורידו את קטלוג המוצרים שלנו לעיין ברשימת המוצרים השלמה של NUDURA במרכז המשאבים.

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