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חומת אש

As ICF technology becomes increasingly popular for commercial construction, there is debate as to whether it can be used for the construction of firewalls within building structures. Here, we outline the information you need to detail firewall connections with Nudura forms that are fully compliant with North American codes.



Firewall/STC Footing  FW6D1   PDF  | DWG
Firewall/STC Intermediate Floor (a) FW6D2A PDF  | DWG
Firewall/STC Intermediate Floor (b) FW6D2B   PDF  | DWG
Firewall/STC at Ceiling FW6D3   PDF  | DWG
Firewall/STC at Roof (Canada) FW6D4   PDF  | DWG
Firewall/STC at Roof (USA) FW6D5   PDF  | DWG
Firewall/STC Plan View FW6D6   PDF  | DWG

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